An Online Author Community Event to Make Your Scenes Magnetic

June 15-19, 2020

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Do you struggle to write exciting, engaging scenes or articles? Discover how to transform your writing skills and be able to measure your improvement in less than a week.

During the 5-day challenge, I’ll post FREE lessons each day to walk you through the process of writing and revising compelling scenes which will exponentially improve your novel or nonfiction book.


  • Prep Work: How to decide the scene or article you want to write and why you must write it
  • Day 1: How to frame the scene so you know what you want the scene or article to accomplish
  • Day 2: How to ignite the motivations of your protagonist and antagonist
  • Day 3: How to guarantee that your scene or article explodes on the page
  • Day 4: How to create a difficult, complicated, decision for your protagonist that readers can’t possibly ignore
  • Day 5: How to utilize the protagonist’s consequence when you start the next scene

If you’ve struggled to write captivating scenes in your novel or nonfiction book, then this is the fastest and most powerful way to see an immediate improvement in your craft.


Every writer who completes the FREE 5-day challenge will be automatically entered into the prize pool drawings, which include:

  • A FREE signed copy of Three Story Method: Foundations of Fiction
  • A $50 Amazon gift card
  • A FREE 30-minute, 1-on-1 consultation with J.
  • Plus, other special prizes to be revealed during the challenge

Fill out the form below to join the FREE challenge and take the next step toward becoming a career author!

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