Day 4


*Note: The video hangs in the beginning, but eventually gets right. The audio is unaffected. Apologies for the technical glitch.

Day 4: Writing the First Chapter Without Writing

Day 4! We’re almost to the end of the challenge. Today we’re going to connect the Avatars and use a lesson plan template to design your first chapter.

Let’s review your homework: Find the overlap and decide on the modality with the best fit.

  • 1: one
  • 1: few
  • 1: many

Let’s design your first lesson.

  • Identify your TAv
  • Identify your LAv
  • Design your Chapter 1 lesson

Review: In this lesson you learned…

  • How to align Learning Avatars and Teaching Avatars.
  • How to design your first chapter using a lesson plan template.

Homework = On the “Day 4” section of the worksheet: Place a ✔+ in the box that matches your IDEAL teaching style with your IDEAL learning avatar (Your “perfect” student, not your personal learning style.). Then, Complete the lesson plan using the template.