Day 2


Day 2: Harnessing the Secrets of Teaching

Welcome to Day 2! Now that you understand how learners want to feel, we’re going to explore ways to motivate them, and help you identify your Teaching Avatar.

  • Five Ways to Inspire and Motivate:
    • Reveal their potential (encourage dreams)
    • Meet them where they are (justify failures)
    • Make the complex simple (allay fears)
    • Tap into their innate talent (confirm suspicions)
    • Curate and focus their time (throw rocks at enemies)
  • Introducing The TAvs (Teaching Avatars)
    • Intellectual
    • Guru
    • Innovator
    • Big Thinker
    • Storyteller
    • Commander
    • Favorite
    • Connector
    • Coach
    • Manager
    • Friend

Review: In this lesson you learned…

  • The five ways to inspire and motivate people.
  • About the Teaching Avatars and why they matter.

Homework = On the “Day 2” section of the worksheet: What is your Teaching Avatar? Craft the hook for your book using the “Five Ways” template.