BONUS: Teaching, Transcribing, Testing

Congratulations! You made it through all five days! But you’re not entirely done yet. Bonus lesson!

  • Here’s what you learned:
    • Day 1 – Revealing the Secrets of Learning
      • Discover how people want to feel when they’re learning.
      • Meet the Learning Avatars and why they matter.
    • Day 2 – Harnessing the Secrets of Teaching
      • Utilize the “Five Ways to Inspire and Motivate.”
      • Meet the Teaching Avatars and why the matter.
    • Day 3 – Creating the Perfect Educational Experience
      • Explore the teaching mediums and modalities you’ll use to create your first draft.
      • Discover how to leverage your strengths as an effective teacher.
    • Day 4 – Writing the First Chapter Without Writing
      • Learn how to perfectly match Learning Avatars and Teaching Avatars.
      • Design your first chapter with from a lesson plan template.
    • Day 5 – Brainstorming Your Table of Contents
      • Brainstorm your Table of Contents.
      • Explore a successful case study.
    • The formula for writing the rest of the book:
      • Teaching
      • Transcribing
      • Testing
    • Every writer who completes the challenge (submitting the worksheet) will be automatically entered into the prize pool drawings, which include:
      • A FREE signed copy of Three Story Method: Writing How To Books
      • A $50 Amazon gift card
      • A FREE 30-minute, one-on-one consultation with J.

Special Offer (details on your worksheet): If you complete your first chapter draft by July 1, 2022, you’re eligible to have it analyzed for just $24.99. This exclusive service is only for challenge participants, and the offer expires on July 1. If you’d like to take advantage of this special offer, email J. (jthorn.writer@gmail.com) and he’ll connect you with a certified Three Story Method Editor.

Homework: Submit your completed worksheet using the form below and you’ll be entered into the random prize giveaways! The form will accept Word documents or PDF documents.