Transform From Struggling Writer to Career Author



The Gold membership isn’t for everyone. I won’t send you an invitation if I don’t think Crys can help you transform from struggling writer to career author.

This group is limited to 20 writers. I promise that you’ll receive individualized attention and get to know the other members of this new family.

If you’re chosen to join the Gold membership, I’ll send you more information and answer any additional questions you might have before you commit.

Not sure if you should apply? Use the short form at the bottom of the page to schedule a free 20 minute video chat with me.

Thanks for submitting your application! If you’re chosen to be part of the Gold membership, I’ll answer any questions you might have before committing. The group will be ongoing and consist of a monthly one-hour Zoom video conference call with Crys Cain. She will lead scene analysis exercises to improve your craft, and each month one member will be assigned to sit on the “hot seat.” That person will need to bring an issue or a problem that we will discuss and try to solve together.

Remember, Gold membership is limited to 20 participants, and not everyone who applies will be invited to join.

Please fill out the application below. Be honest and don’t overthink the answers.

Thank you!

    Not sure if you should apply?

    Schedule a call with me and let’s talk about it.