33: How do you make more money?

This week, authors J Thorn and Crys Cain discuss the question everyone asks after they start making a little money from their books… how do I make more money? Rather than a list of short term, easy grabs for cash, they dig deep into the shifts they’ve gone through to build mindsets that build and accept the flow of money with an awareness of the opportunities they don’t always know they’re looking for.


Apologies, this week the transcript will be late. I’m not sure if it’s a terrible internet issue or a software issue, but I will have it up as soon as that is resolved. -Crys

Comments on 33: How do you make more money?

  1. I don’t struggle so much with the concept of making money off my writing or my creativity. I struggle finding adequate time to dedicate to my art.

    All too often, my “irreconcilable goods” are choices between spending time with my pre-teen kids (softball or soccer practice or playing a few games of Uno) and my wife versus spending time focused on editing a manuscript or writing another scene. And then I feel guilty when I recognize how far behind I am on my writing responsibilities.

    I never realized how few hours there were in a day until I was fully “adulting.” But I have more life experience to draw on so the writing should be better informed, right? Or is that just more claptrap I tell myself…

  2. No, I’m 100% good with making money off my art, but that doesn’t mean I make it.

    The weird things I’ve noticed with authors is most don’t have a problem with their art making money.

    They have a problem making art in a way that’s designed to make money.

    They have a problem promoting or marketing it in order for it to make money.

    If they wrote their dream book, handed it off to an agent, and got a six-figure deal in their inbox they wouldn’t feel dirty.

    Instead, they feel dirty asking a reader to buy their written-to-market book for $3.99.

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