0: Introduction

What are we doing here? Authors J Thorn and Crys Cain introduce The Author Success Mastermind Podcast.


Welcome to The Author Success Mastermind podcast, which we will be referring to as TASM going forward, because that’s a mouthful.

I’m Crys Cain with my cohost…

Hi, I’m J Thorn. What’s up, Crys?

The sky. I don’t know. There’s your dad joke for the day from a not-dad.

So what are we doing here, J?

We are hosting a podcast that is serving our community. We have questions that we get and it’s sometimes hard to answer in a Slack group or with text messages. So we figured we would take some questions that come up and discuss them in a podcast form, and then share them with everyone because chances are, if authors in our community are having these questions and problems, other people probably are too

100%. If you’d like to say hi, as we get started on this adventure, the link will be in the show notes and you can always find out more about us at www.TheAuthorSuccessMastermind.com.

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